Origin by Steffes

Advanced Heat Pump Water Heating Technology

Our Integrated System

Origin by Steffes is an all-electric, large volume, central heat pump, domestic water heating system specifically designed for multi-family building projects with decarbonization goals.

Reduce Costs & Maintenance

A centralized Origin system provides reliable, cost-effective hot water, eliminating the need to access individual units for regular monitoring and repairs.

Simplify Design & Installation

Origin by Steffes can connect to multiple manufacturers’ heat pump models, resulting in flexibility in your job site designs while delivering environmentally friendly, low-carbon performance.

Achieve Decarbonization Goals

Origin’s heat pump water heaters double as thermal batteries, storing excess electricity from wind and solar generation, making them super-green and super-efficient.

All-in-One Solution

Origin by Steffes is the perfect water heating solution for your multi-family building project. The all-electric, central heating solution meets your decarbonization requirements and eliminates the mechanical system footprint inside each unit.

By embracing this innovative solution, you can unlock the potential for improved operational efficiency and a more sustainable and economical building operation.


Engineers understand the value of Origin’s operational efficiency, the ingenuity of its system design, and the versatility of its placement and installation options.


Property managers appreciate Origin’s streamlined maintenance, eliminating the need to access individual units to service water heaters, providing them with unparalleled convenience and efficiency.


Electric utilities value Origin’s exclusive utilization of electricity, as well as its proficient energy storage and demand response capabilities that align seamlessly with CTA 2045 compatibility.


Developers value the opportunity to maximize revenue with Origin by increasing livable square footage in each unit rather than dedicating space to individual water heaters.


Building owners enjoy numerous benefits from the implementation of Origin’s centralized system, including enhanced energy efficiency, reduced carbon emissions, and significant cost savings on maintenance.


Environmental advocates appreciate the significant advantages of enhanced energy efficiency and substantial decarbonization achieved solely through the use of electricity.

Origin named finalist for Product of the Year 

Origin was announced as a finalist for the prestigious Consulting-Specifying Engineer – Plumbing Product of the Year in March 2024. The Consulting-Specifying Engineer – Product of the Year awards recognize products that demonstrate exceptional innovation, sustainability, and performance. Origin exemplifies these qualities, offering a glimpse into the future of green plumbing technology and engineering excellence.

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