All-electric, large volume, central heat pump domestic water heating system

Minimize Cost & Complexity

Origin by Steffes is an all-electric, large volume, central heat pump, domestic water heating system specifically designed for multi-family building projects with decarbonization design goals. Steffes brings 30+ years of experience in energy storage, HVAC, and system manufacturing to provide this advanced heat pump water heating technology in an integrated solution.

Designed as a packaged system, Origin takes the complexity and cost out of your projects’ domestic hot water system design and installation. Our team of engineers stand ready to aid in the application and engineering design support to integrate Origin systems into your project.

Versatile Design

Origin by Steffes is a completely packaged, plug-and-play product ready to drop-in to your multi-family complex project. Our system reduces costs by cutting installation time, simplifying your projects, and giving tenants more valuable square footage.

Our durable systems have a design life of 20+ years in all geographies, including cold climates, and are pre-sized for 75, 100, or 150 units. They can be combined to accommodate larger complexes.

Plug & Play

Origin arrives on your job site ready to go. All pipes between Origin devices are connected and the system is ready to be filled with water. All electrical devices are factory wired and tested and the system is ready to be energized and run.

No more receiving and keeping track of multiple pieces of equipment, setting large tanks, and getting electrical wires pulled and connected to pumps and heaters. Just hook up the water lines to the building, the heat pump, and electrical power and you are ready to start delivering hot water.


  • All-electric and energy efficient
  • Removable panels for system access
  • Up to 1,500 gallons of water storage
  • Control packages with installed sensors
  • Suited for new construction or retrofit projects
  • Isolation heat exchanger to protect remotely installed heat pump(s)
  • Demand management ready with CTA 2045 communications protocol
  • Building recirculation system with hot water return pump and system digital mixing valve
  • Expansion tank and swing tank for off-hours temperature maintenance and system backup

All-in-One Packaged Solution

Origin by Steffes is the perfect water heating solution for your multi-family building project. The all-electric, central heating solution meets your decarbonization requirements and eliminates the mechanical system footprint inside each unit.

By embracing this innovative solution, you can unlock the potential for improved operational efficiency and a more sustainable and economical building operation.


Engineers understand the value of Origin’s operational efficiency, the ingenuity of its system design, and the versatility of its placement and installation options.


Property managers appreciate Origin’s streamlined maintenance, eliminating the need to access individual units to service water heaters, providing them with unparalleled convenience and efficiency.


Electric utilities value Origin’s exclusive utilization of electricity, as well as its proficient energy storage and demand response capabilities that align seamlessly with CTA 2045 compatibility.


Developers value the opportunity to maximize revenue with Origin by increasing livable square footage in each unit rather than dedicating space to individual water heaters.


Building owners enjoy numerous benefits from the implementation of Origin’s centralized system, including enhanced energy efficiency, reduced carbon emissions, and significant cost savings on maintenance.


Environmental advocates appreciate the significant advantages of enhanced energy efficiency and substantial decarbonization achieved solely through the use of electricity.

Friendly. Flexible. Compatible. 

Heat Pump Flexible

Origin can be paired with multiple different heat pump manufacturers’ products, allowing you to select the right heat pump engine for your particular conditions and reducing the often-difficult coordination efforts between the heat pump and the rest of the building. Origin handles the hot water storage and circulation throughout the building, leaving the heat pump to focus on generating hot water.

AWHI Compatible

Origin conforms to the Advanced Water Heating Initiative (AWHI) specification, and product designs are repeatable, so you will not need to develop a distinct design every time you implement heat pump water heating on a job.

Grid Friendly

Central heat pump water heaters, like Origin, can act as giant thermal batteries. They do this by using energy to heat water during times of low grid demand and storing it for later use, enabling them to limit their energy use during peak times for the electricity grid.