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Smart for the Environment. Smart for your Wallet.

Reduce Costs & Increase Returns

Origin by Steffes is a completely packaged, plug-and-play product ready to drop-in to your multi-family complex project. Our system reduces labor costs by cutting installation time, simplifying your projects, and giving tenants more valuable square footage.

    • Single Source Centralized Unit
    • All-Electric and Energy Efficient
    • Suited for new construction or retrofit projects
    • Plug-and-play solution for easy installation and operation
    • Competitively priced compared to distributed systems and to field-built systems

Our durable systems have a design life of 20+ years in all geographies, including cold climates, and are pre-sized for 75, 100, or 150 units. They can be combined to accommodate larger complexes.


Integrated Solution

Origin’s packaged system design, includes storage tanks, swing tanks, and expansion tanks with a building interface section containing water pumps, heat exchanger, valves, and controls.

Units are modularized into three sections:

  • Heat Pump Interface: contains piping connections to remote heat pump water heater(s) and isolation heat exchanger
  • Tank Storage: contains storage tanks, swing tank, and expansion tank
  • Building Interface: contains water pumps, mixing valve, and controls panel

Dimensions: 7.5 ft wide x 9.5 ft high and 14, 16, or 20 ft long (length depends upon number of storage tanks)

Smart For The Environment.
Smart For Your Wallet.

Five Reasons to Install Origin by Steffes 

Greater Efficiency
Heat pumps are the ultimate solution for efficient water heating, offering a technology that surpasses traditional gas and electric water heaters. These innovative systems harness the power of ambient air to generate hot water, consuming significantly less electricity and energy. With heat pumps, you can enjoy three times the efficiency compared to conventional water heaters, making them the ideal choice for your water heating needs.
System Longevity

Even with regular maintenance, those 40-gallon storage tank water heaters typically require replacement within 10 to 15 years. This means that for developments with a significant number of units, a continuous investment in replacement water heaters is necessary. However, with Origin by Steffes, you can enjoy a longer-lasting solution, as it boasts a design life of 20+ years.

More Reliable Hot Water

If a resident requires an ample supply of hot water, our central water heating system ensures immediate capacity to each unit without causing any discomfort during the wait. Origin by Steffes enables developers to promote enhanced efficiency and a reliable availability of hot water.

Lower Maintenance Time & Costs

Maintenance teams are responsible for tending to buildings, including addressing resident service requests ranging from hot water capacity to potential leaks that could lead to flooding. With water heaters in each unit, maintenance must service multiple locations in occupied spaces. Implementing a central system can simplify maintenance processes and result in lower costs.

More Sellable Space

Space is a valuable commodity in the realm of multi-family housing. By implementing a centralized heat pump water heating system, you not only enhance your property’s marketability, but also provide an extra amenity and expand its usable square footage.

“We are very excited about all the work Steffes has done for our business. They completely changed the way we think about energy consumption.”

– John Doe, Business Owner

Seattle Pilot Project Shows Reduced Carbon Emissions with Origin 

Central heat pump water heaters (CHPWHs) present a tremendous opportunity to reduce the substantial energy used in water heating and can act as giant thermal batteries. They do this by using energy to heat water during times of low grid demand and storing it for later use, enabling them to limit their energy use during peak times for the electricity grid.