Origin by Steffes, a revolutionary product in the realm of sustainable engineering, is announced as a finalist for the prestigious Consulting-Specifying Engineer – Plumbing Product of the Year. Origin, designed to meet the demands of multi-family building projects with central heat pump water heaters, offers an innovative, sustainable, and high-performing solution for domestic water heating management.

Origin by Steffes stands out as an all-electric, large-volume water heating management system, addressing the critical need for decarbonization in domestic hot water systems. With its integrated design and packaged delivery, Origin simplifies water storage, temperature maintenance, and automatic controls, significantly reducing the complexity and cost associated with project design and installation.

Built with a focus on sustainability, Origin supports the broader adoption of central heat pump water heating systems while simultaneously reducing environmental impact and enhancing energy efficiency. By providing a repeatable, packaged solution, Origin mitigates risks associated with transitioning to new system types, benefiting engineers, contractors, and building owners alike.

The Consulting-Specifying Engineer – Product of the Year Awards recognize products that demonstrate exceptional innovation, sustainability, and performance. Origin by Steffes exemplifies these qualities, offering a glimpse into the future of green plumbing technology and engineering excellence.

Voting for the Consulting-Specifying Engineer – Product of the Year Awards is open and will continue until April 12, 2024. Supporters of Origin are urged to vote for it as the Plumbing Product of the Year, demonstrating their commitment to advancing sustainability and innovation within the engineering sector.

To learn more about Origin by Steffes and to cast your vote, please visit https://surveys.cfemedia.com/s3/cse2024poy.

For a comprehensive list of all the nominees for the Consulting-Specifying Engineer – Product of the Year awards, please refer to their E-Book: https://csemag.dragonforms.com/loading.do?omedasite=CSE_eBook_POY_2024.