Heat pump water heaters for domestic hot water are more efficient but can be more costly. The total installed cost of a distributed system with a 40 gal electric or gas water heater installed in each apartment can reach more than $1,200 per apartment.

The typical design life of these units is 15 years, driving owners to plan to replace these units as early as year 10. Owners must regularly inspect and monitor water heaters to anticipate failures and replace them. Heaters are often only replaced once they have failed, leaving inconvenienced tenants.

A centralized Origin system provides reliable, cost-effective hot water, eliminating the need to access the apartment for regular monitoring and repairs. Designed to last longer than distributed systems and offer redundancy, property owners can be confident that a centralized Origin system will have hot water during the most demanding usage periods.

The high-efficiency heat pumps, which are the engine of an Origin system for domestic hot water, will result in lower operating costs versus a distributed electric or gas water heating system. And heat pump water heaters are up to four times as efficient as conventional gas or electric water heaters.

A centralized heat pump water heating system for your complex gives you energy efficiency and can reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the water heating system. Origin by Steffes can also connect to multiple heat pump manufacturers’ models, resulting in flexibility in your job site designs while delivering environmentally friendly low-carbon performance.

In addition, heat pump water heaters can double as thermal batteries, storing excess electricity from the production of wind and solar generation, making them super-green and super-efficient.